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The All-Ohio State Fair Band was
founded in 1925 and was known as
the All-Ohio Boys' State Fair Band.  It
was then, as is now, comprised of
superior musicians from throughout
the State of Ohio.

The members for 2
018 are currently
applying for membership as the
process is open through March 15.  
Applicants will learn about their status
by April 1, and will complete their
acceptance by April 15.

The members of the 2018 AOSFB will

arrive at the Rhodes Center on July
1 to begin several intense days of
rehearsal. The talented musicians w
part in a rigorous pre-fair
schedule where they
will rehearsed
close to 60 pieces of concert music of
various styles and genres as well as
numerous marches.  Throughout the
018 Ohio State Fair the Band
members w
ill perform nearly 90
concerts while continuing a long
standing tradition of entertaining
Ohio's citizens.

The founder and first director was
Jack Wainwright (1925-1931) of
Fostoria. He has been followed by
four other directors:
Louis E. Pete  (1932-1966), Jack O.
Evans (1967-1969), Omar P.
Blackman (1970-1998) and Donald
F. Santa-Emma (1999-2015), who
has retired after 17 years as director
and 42 years on the staff. Brian W.
Dodd, a ten-year member of the staff
as Assistant Director, Percussion, is
now in his t
hird  year as director of
the AOSFB.

Each year the Band continues many
longstanding traditions - including
Ballyhoo-ing through the grounds,
performances on the Rhodes Lawn
and performances at the Lausche
Building and The well
as new experiences like playing in the
new Cardinal Hall as we did in 2016.
Click Here to view the music
repertoire from 2016.
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