All-Ohio State Fair Band Alumni Association
was founded in 1968 and has provided various
forms of  support for The All-Ohio State Fair
Band while maintaining a link among the Alumni
of the organization

Members of the Alumni Association may have
been members of:

The All-Ohio Boys' Band
The All-Ohio Youth Symphony
All-Ohio Girls' Band
All-Ohio State Fair Band

Contact us anytime at:

The Executive Committee of
The Alumni Association

Karissa Harvey (2018-2020)

Vice President: Dennis Busse (2018-2020)

AOSFB Director
Brian W. Dodd

Committeeman: Andy Brubaker (2016-2019)

Dana Motter (2017-2020)

Sarah Sigman Sheets  

Historian Weldon Carpenter

Executive Secretary Treasurer
Ed Gallagher
SATURDAY, July 27, 2019
Get ready to play in the
Alumni Band!

There is no better time than today to start
preparation for Alumni Day '19.
Get out the old horn, oil the valves, keys and
slides and tune it up for July 27, 2019.

AOSFB Alumni Uniform is:
Khaki Shorts
AOSFB Alumni Gray Polo or T-shirt
AOSFB or AOSFB Alumni Hat

A gray alumni t-shirt and
general AOSFB t-shirt will be available
on Alumni Day.
Alumni Day Schedule
Honoring Jim "TANK" Esswein
for 50 years of Service to the AOSFB
AOSFB Alumni
Join the
Alumni Band
this year!

Email the following:
Years in the band

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