Final Instructions 2017
Letters to read:  
Mr. Dodd, Director - welcome and final instructions
                  Mr. Gallagher, Director of Operations
Forms to print and return at registration/check-in:
                  Permission and Release Form
                  Member Agreement
Important Documents to Review:
                 Information and directions for Registration / Check In
                 Day One Schedule
                 Expectations and Guidelines
                 Packing Check List
                 Odds and Ends
                 For Percussion and Piccolos
Register for the Sale of Champions
Percussion and Piccolo Players:
                Click here for special info
Congratulations on being chosen a member of the 2017 All-Ohio State Fair Band.  You are now a proud member of an organization with a long history and many
proud traditions.  You are one of Ohio's finest and join the ranks of numerous talented  musicians who have performed at The Ohio State Fair since 1925.

It is time to start planning and packing for your time at The Fair.  
Below are a few tips and suggestions that should assist you in making the experience the best possible.  
Please review the suggestions as well as the list that comes with the final instructions.  Feel free to email with any questions.

If you have any questions please direct them  to
Be prepared with luggage in which you are able to lock valuables.

You must lock your valuables such as cell phones, ipods, cash,
checks, money cards
and other items not listed here.

Foot lockers are a great way to keep items one safe place.   One
is on the upper bunk in the picture.

Many members bring hanging storage units for clothes.
Here is how it looks in the dorms.  They cannot be locked

A combination padlock is suggested.    
Keyed locks are not recommended.

Be prepared with hangers for clothes.
A large hanger pole runs through the dorm areas.

Trunks, hanging units, locks and hangers are available from
stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Kmart.
They are not available at The Fair.
Final Instructions have been emailed to each member and their parent.  

The files are to the right.

You may click here for a single .pdf of each item or click on each item to the

The only item not included is the music for percussion and flute/piccolo
players.  They must follow the link to the right.

Questions?  Let us know:
             Brian Dodd, Director
            Ed Gallagher, Director of Operations
Additional Information
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