Apply to the AOSFB
2018  IMPORTANT DATES    2018

January 15
Applications available online

March 15
Application due

July 21
AOSFB arrives at The Fair

July 21- July 24

July 25
State Fair  opens @ 9am

July 28
Alumni Day

July 28
AOSFB & AOSFYC in Celeste Center @ 1pm
Park of Roses/Whetstone Park @ 7pm

August 4
Last day for the Full Band
Parents' Concert @ 1:15 in Rhodes Center

August 5
AOSFB @ Sale of Champions @ 2pm in Celeste Center
Last day of the State Fair
Applications are available only online - for new and returning member.

Before going to the application be prepared to provide all of the information listed below on your online application.

Accurate and active e-mail addresses for you, your parent/guardian and your band director are essential.
If you have questions about the
application process or experience
any challenges with the form contact
Ed Gallagher,
AOSFB Director of Operations at

for assistance.
Information about your parent/guardian:
  • Name
  • e-mail (A link to the consent form will be
    sent to this address, which must be different
    from your e-mail address.),
  • phone
  • address (if different from your address)
Information about your school:
  • School name
  • address
  • zip code

Information about your school music
  • Name
  • e-mail (A link to the recommendation
    form  will be sent to this address.)
  • phone
Information about you:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • address, phone (1 number is required)
  • e-mail (This is where all official application
    correspondence will be sent!)
  • Grade in school
  • instrument
  • music experience and awards
  • other interests, information about
    participation in OMEA solo & ensemble
  • private music teacher (optional)
  • instrumental proficiency
  • Alumni information (only for those that have
    been members of the AOSFB before)
  • family members who have been members
    of the AOSFB
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